The Cauda Chair

Cauda is the Latin word for a tail. This chair is iconic in its shape and sits well as an end of table statement. Complements perfectly the Graphium chair in a dining set of chairs. Known for being extremely comfortable to sit on, which many would initially find surprising, until they try it and understand the perfect ergonomics of the design.

An iconic dining chair is one of the ultimate challenges for a furniture designer, since it has to fulfill an array of important design criteria… It must be strong enough to withstand years of use, light to be easily moved around. It must be comfortable to sit on for long periods of time, supporting you ergonomically correct. Lastly it must be aesthetically pleasing from all possible angles.

Width 460mm, Depth 510mm, Height 1080mm

Carabu washable suede fabric
Oak, Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut

Natural Oil or White Oil finnish


iconic Comfort

With its perfect curvature, this back rest sits incredibly comfortable between your shoulder blades and gives you the best ergonomic support. Has to be tested to believe.



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20 Churchtown Business Park Beaumont Ave, Churchtown, D14 YW93
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